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A sea wall is basically a structure made of concrete, masonry or sheet piles built parallel to the shore at the transition between the beach and the mainland. So as to prevent erosion from the coast and protect the inland area is done by a sea wall. Creation of a seawall is done to separate the mainland from the beach. The creation of a seawall requires maintenance several tips. Even before repair of seawalls, regular inspections is done to know when to maintain and repair. Serious injuries are resulted when an individual per takes in carrying out inspection of their sea wall as they are not professionals.

One of the tips to be considered is to ensure there’s no too much growth of vegetation as they could result to falling apart of the sea wall. The effects of having too much vegetation on the sea wall is that it results to falling apart, leaning in or eroding. Traditional landscape shrubbery results to positive contribution to the seawall in comparison to most vegetation.

Saturation of the ground is resulted when water pressure accumulates both behind the seawall, however weep holes are dug to ensure relief. Weep holes are required to be checked the debris as they result to clogging. The effect that is resulted when the weep holes are ineffective is that the sea wall is unable to disseminate water pressure leading to cracks, crumbling and finally collapse.

Another important during maintenance of the seawall is to ensure that the support system is free from cracks and structural issues. Footers are used to prevent erosion of the seawalls as they are low cost and the best solution when it comes to ensuring the support system is free form cracks and structural issues. Thus the use of footers is important as they prevent erosion and washouts of seawalls. Different types of seawalls have different materials and influence the maintenance tips. By using different materials then potential problems arise such as rotting, cracking or termite invasion. When all these problems are in place then easy cracking, crumbling and collapsing of the seawall is accelerated.

The professional that does the inspection is required to be licensed, insured and vast with knowledge in which the inspection is carried out four times a year. The process of building requires some simple steps to be followed through. The main steps include; making arrangements to build, setting your poles and finally installing a lumber.

Area surveying needs to be done by individuals planning to build a seawall. During the survey an individual needs to carry a tape measure, pen and notepad so as to track the length needed, sketch a rough outline and take special notes respectively. The intervals are marked by using a spray paint in addition to the three items.

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